Monday, May 12, 2008

The Youth of Plover...

disappoint and confuse me.

First the disappointment. On my walk today, I was just about to turn onto the green circle trail, when some (presumably) 12 year old girl yelled at me out of her car window. Well more of a screech. At first the old man in me came out, and I was like who let's their kid yell out the window. I then decided that it was the "cool mom" from Mean Girls, who doesn't have the ability to tell her child to not hang out the window and yell at people. Then I was disappointed that she didn't actually yell anything at me. I myself have yelled many things out of a car window. Some of my favorites have been, "Free Gary Busey" and " Go back to Norway" at no point though, have I just yelled nothing. I mean where is her creativity. I could have taken a "Hey Fatty" or "You...the other white meat".

Either that or she was being abducted, in which case I would feel pretty bad...maybe I should watch the news tonight.

Now on to the confusing. As I continued my walk, I came across two youths in Debauchery Forest. As I got closer I noticed one of the kids was holding his hat out in front of him, shaking it. Almost like someone begging for money would. I thought, no big deal, maybe it is what kids do these days. Until I noticed he was also wearing a hat. I can handle out hat movements. Though I can't handle two hats. Is one hat specifically to shake? I don't get it.

While I was still pondering the two hatted kid, I came across another interesting sight. A kid on a bike, was coming down the trail. In his hand he was holding a scooter. The lightweight kind, with the skinny base with the little front handle bars. Why does he need a bike and a scooter? I may never know.

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Heather said...

Maybe she was just screaming to one hand clapping.