Tuesday, May 6, 2008


This is now the offical starting point as a litterally run towards the goal of a 5:30 mile. As I have posted earlier, I plan to attempt the 5:30 mile around my birthday next year. Since I turned a day older today, that attempt is now a year away. I decided that I should set a starting point, and ran a mile today.

Since I didn't head to a track, it is an unoffical time, as it is not exactly a mile. I drove off the distance, and eyeballed where I needed to stop and start. Also, while it did not have any large inclines or declines, it did roll a little. Not that if I had run it on a track it would have been some huge improvement.

To be honest I wanted 8:00, which would equate to two minute laps on a track. So while I am not disapointed, I had hoped for better. The other good part though is that I was not totally exhausted. Which means that put on a track, I think I could shave 30 seconds off, just with knowing distances better, and leaving it all on the track. I didn't really feel like running to collapse on the side of the road. People might worry.

In order to reach my goal I need to take 3 minutes and 37 seconds off of my time. While it seems like a lot of time at this point, I feel pretty confident that by the end of the summer I can be down to 7 minute miles, with some speed work in the fall get down to around 6 minutes. Then keep shape over the winter, once the snow melts do some more speed work early spring, and be ready to go come the begining of May.

While I don't want to rest on this either, if I fail next year, I will still have two years to drop time. I would be a little more worried if I was a year away from 30.

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That is a pretty good time...