Saturday, May 3, 2008

29 left

One of the 30x30 has finally fallen. I have visited the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, and crossed #10 off of my list. It was nice to get one done and out of the way. It is also nice to know that when I am in Wausau from now on, I won't be annoyed by the museum signs anymore, knowing that I haven't been their.

Overall the museum was ok. The bird wing (pun intended)was cool. If I had any ambition I would become a falconer, and there were plenty of beautiful falcon paintings. The other two exhibits they had were on Medieval Armor, and Alice in Wonderland themed artwork. Both were nice, nothing that blew my mind though. They do have a sculpture garden, that I found peaceful.

The rest of the day was great as well. We finally went to the Annual Cultural Festival, here in Stevens Point. It was very impressive. We took in some Irish Dancers, saw some African Singers, ate some awesome food (from all regions) and Trev did some different craft type things. I am sure that if I would have wanted to spend the time, I would have spent way to much money purchasing different items as well. I also had some Bubble Tea, which is the second strangest thing I have drank.

We also spent some time bumming around Wausau. I stopped at Rogans and got some new shoes. Due to my wide feet, I stayed with New Balance. I did try on a pair of Asic Gel Kayanos, they felt awesome. I have seen Asics in wides, I think once I up my mileage, and do some serious training, I might have to shell out for them.

Not sure what I will cross of the list next. Though I moved the Hidden Fortress up towards the top of my Netflix queue, so I imagine that will be it.

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Revenant said...

Awesome...I just used Jack White as my voice...