Monday, May 19, 2008

Almost off the Wagon

This was the first big break I have had in exercising, and eating, well lack of eating healthy since I started this almost 2 months ago. It was the perfect storm of activities and laziness.

Though I didn't cave, and I set out for a jog today. I decided that my days of rest, meant that I needed to push it farther today than I have. Which meant, I ran almost two consecutive miles...without stopping. Crazy I know. I also felt good, which makes me look forward to tomorrow. I have found my pace, which allows me to move along at a decent clip, while not expending so much that I stop sooner than I would like.

While I was almost off the exercise wagon, I also was close to falling off the blogging wagon as well. Since it has been 5 days since my last post. I realized that a lot of what I blog about comes from my ventures out into the world while exercising, and without it, I have little to say.

Though I did see something interesting this weekend while in the bathroom at the local movie theatre. I delinquent went into the handicap stall, which I find slightly inappropriate for a non handicapped person to use the handicapped stall, not the point though. He used the bathroom, and after he was done, he crawled under the stall door, and left. That's right, he crawled under the stall door, leaving the stall door locked, making it difficult when the person in the wheelchair actually comes to use the bathroom. While that bothered me, what almost bothered me more was that he didn't care that he did it while I was in the bathroom. I should have yelled at him. I didn't, I did open the stall door though. No, I didn't crawl under the stall. I just pushed hard on the outside and twisted the lock so it opened. I don't wish ill will on many, especially kids. I hope that kid craps his pants in public someday. Preferably in high school, after getting drunk at a party, because he realized girls don't like him, and after a couple more beers, boys don't "like" him either. The worst part being he doesn't realize he crapped himself until the next morning. When his mom wakes him up, after he passed out on the kitchen floor. To harsh?

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Heather said...

I would've yelled!