Thursday, May 8, 2008

Debauchery Forest

I have decided that the pine forest near my house is home to many youthful indiscretions. Two days in a row now I have seen a group of questionable youths walking on the Green Circle Trail out of Debauchery Forest. I am fairly certain they were up to no good. By no good I mean drugs. I then realized that Debauchery Forest is the perfect place for kids to do wrong. The pine trees are easy enough to get through, and if you are sitting on the ground, or lying on the ground as some may do, there is plenty of room. The trees are thick enough that if you get ten to fifteen feet in, you are hidden. The only problem is that it is a highly flammable area in the summer. One improperly extinguished joint and that place is a fiery inferno.

Also today on my walk I am fairly certain a dog wanted to eat me. I was walking through a neighborhood and this crazy dog came sprinting at me. It came to a halt at the property line. I assume it had one of those invisible fences. It was fairly pissed, and growled. Not the get out of here growl, but the I want to eat your face growl. I think the dog has anger issues, it was probably ignored as a puppy.

I haven't touched on the awesomest part of my walk though. I was on the home stretch, and off in the distance I saw a person on roller blades. I thought it was the same roller blading girl I have seen out a couple of times. It was not, it was a 40 plus year old man, on roller blades. I have never seen such a wonderus sight. His arms were like arrows, as he power bladed down the street sidewalk. It was a thing of beauty.

Walking is awesome.

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