Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jimmy Fallon, Artie Lange, and Olivia Munn= Genius

Stumbled across this gem of an interview. Thank me later.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Bra that will save your life....

So, an article at CNN had been peaking my interest for a while. It had to do with some lady winning some sort of award for her Bra/Gas Mask. Turns out that during the time that the actual Nobel Prizes are handed out, an organization called Improbable Research. They hand out the Ig Nobel Prizes.

Go here to see the full list of awards and winners.

Here is a quick highlight of some of the awards.

Peace Prize: Went to some guys who did a study to see if it was better to be hit over the head with a full or empty beer bottle.

Chemistry: Some guy who created diamonds fom Tequilla.

Medicine: To a guy who each day for 60 years cracked the knuckles on one hand and not the other to see if cracking knuckles causes arthritis.

Public Health: To the lady who created a bra that could be used as a gas mask.

So if you are not able to be the President after George Bush, and thus win the Nobel Peace Prize. Maybe you could negotiate a peace accord between the children of the Hatfields and McCoys and get yourself the Ig Nobel Prize.

Friday, October 2, 2009

I'll take the salad.

So, I have never really been able to get behind salads. To much ruffage I always say. I'm not a rabbit. So I stay away from them. I don't think I have ever tasted Thousand Island Dressing and I don't like Ranch. French? If it is followed by fries or toast, OK. Otherwise I think I will pass.

I can do a fruit salad. The problem with fruit salad is the time it takes to make it. With your standard lettuce or spinach based salad, you have a fairly easy to prepare base. A fruit based salad does not. Unless you use grapes, but grapes does not a good fruit salad make.

If you have talked to me about salads, you have most likely heard me mention meat salad. I don't think such a thing exists, but if it did, I would be all about it. Maybe with a nice BBQ dressing.

That being said, I am doing the unthinkable, and adopting a diet in which salads will play a role.

Breakfasts, I have been going with Smoothies (Low Fat Yogurt, Two Oranges, Handful of Strawberries, and a Banana) or an English Muffin. For lunch, most days I have gone with a Spinach Salad with strawberries and Banana slices. Then whatever I want for dinner.

I eventually plan on venturing our to different salads, but am happy for now. If nothing else, I don't need to worry about coming down with scurvy anymore.