Monday, July 27, 2009

Birthday Wishes Part II

So there is another special lady that has a birthday today. I have known her for almost 10 years now, and she is one of my closest friends.

That's right: Maya Rudolph

Maya joined the cast of SNL in the 1999-2000 season. This is when our friendship began. I always looked forward to our Saturday nights together. She always knew how to make me laugh.

Our friendship really took off in 2006 when she played the roll of Rita in Idiocracy. No one can play a Hooker from the past stuck in a world of stupid people like she can.

She is one special lady. So on this day July 27th, if anyone other than my mother deserves to be wished a Happy Birthday it is her.

Happy Birthday Maya!!

Birthday Wishes

So today is my Mom's birthday. I have a lot of great things that I can say about her, but wanted to take the time to touch on one subject. My mom is one of the main reasons that I enjoy sports. My mother is the one that watches the Packers, Badgers, and Brewers. You can find her on a Saturday afternoon, wearing her Badger red, sitting on the edge of her seat as the Badgers are faced with 4th and long. Or up on Monday night watching the end of the Packers game.

I also spent many times in the driveway playing a game of horse with her.

She coached Volleyball, Basketball, and Track when she taught High School as well.

So I would like to say thank you to her, not only for helping devlop my love of sports, but for all the other wonderful things that she has done.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Top Five Places I have visited outside of WI

So to continue on with my top 5 lists, here is one of top give places I have visited outside of Wisconsin. Now I can't say that I am well traveled, since I haven't traveled overseas anywhere, but I have seen a good amount of the lower 48.

In no particular order

1. Lower 9th Ward, New Orleans. I traveled to New Orleans for work around 1 year after Katrina hit. I talked with a Travel Agent who broke down, talking about how he had to leave his dogs behind as he evacuated, and looked at pictures of flood waters covering highways and seeping into homes. I drove through neighborhoods where you can see the water lines half way up the sides of homes. One of the nights, I was able to go to the lower ninth ward with a police officer. He drove me through what was left of the neighborhood. Places where all that was left of homes was the cement slab that the house was built on. It was a very powerful experience. I got to go back to New Orleans last year as well. It was great to see the city was rebounding as it had. It is so rich with culture, that it would be a shame to see it disappear.

2. Philly. Growing up, my family took a lot of vacations that centered around historical things. I wish that I would have appreciated them more. I really have liked Philly, it was amazing walking through Independence Hall, to stand where the likes of Washington and Jefferson laid the groundwork for our country. The food was awesome as well. It is also the first real vacation that Mandy, Trevor and I took together.

3. You can't have a list without Disney on it. This is the first vacation I remember taking. We drove to Florida. Since I was 8 when we went, I don't remember a whole lot. We got soaked at Sea World, had a great sea food dinner, where I ate peal and eat shrimp for the first time, and spent some time at Disney as well. Saw a 3D movie with Michael Jackson, rode the Norway ride in Epcot, got ran over by Goofy. Met some kids at the pool from Sun Prairie WI. I tried to impress them by doing a back flip into the pool and ended up hitting my head on the side of the pool. I also played lot of punch out in the hotels arcade. I guess I remember more than I thought I would.

4. Driving out to Colorado. The thing I remember most was looking off in the distance as we got close to Colorado, and seeing the shiloute of the mountains in the distance. Being amazed at how big they were, and then realizing we were still a far ways off. Watching them grow as we got closer. This is the trip where I made my parents stop so we could see the 10 Thousand Pound Prairie Dog at one of the road side tourist traps. Turned out to be a stone statue. We also were in Sturgis during the Harley Rally, it was amazing seeing all of the Harley's together.

5. For the last one I am going to have to go with Vegas. Seeing the strip all lit up for the first time, is a pretty awesome sight. I got to see my friends get remarried at the little white wedding chapel, take in Spamalot, eat dinner next to a NFL Head Coach, and do some gambling. I have also gone back 3 times for work. Going to Vegas on the company dollar can be fun. Hanging out at the Voodoo Lounge on the top of the RIO has provided me with some great views of Vegas.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Time Travel

So today at work the subject of time travel came up. Any time I can discuss the mind blowing possibilities of time travel I will. Todays conversation took on a very interesting topic. Time Travel Cheating.

I posed the following question to one of my friends. If her husband went back in time, and slept with Marilyn Monroe, would she be upset? I was fairly positive her answer would be Hell No, and it was. But she brought up an interesting loop hole.

She said that she would be okay with him going back 7 years, to a period of time before the two of them had met. Giving the time machine to his younger self, and allowing him to go back in time to sleep with Marilyn Monroe.

At the end of the day he gets to sleep with Marilyn Monroe, and his wife is okay with it. Talk about a Win Win.

Unless meeting with the act of meeting himself causes a rip in the space time continuum and life as we know it ceases to exist. I guess he could send me back to tell young him to use the time machine.

Anyway, I like time travel.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


So it is that time of year again where I put my best foot forward and try and lose some weight. It is based around a weight loss challenge at work again. This time you are encouraged to choose a team of ten people to work with to accomplish your goals. With the chance to win many great prizes along the way.

I have talked most of my team into doing this together, since I have taken the roll as team captain, I feel like I probably should set a great example.

So I have scoured the Internet for some inspiration. Some weight loss tips. I came across on old system, but one that is time tested. The PerkisSystem, by Tony Perkis. He started up a camp for overweight youth, and used the summer to put together a hit weight loss program. I hope to PerkiSize my way to a healthy body.

We will see...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Top 5 Live Sports Moments

So this list is either moments I have been a part of, or seen live in person...

In no particular order...

1. State Track in 1997. This is where Gabe Jennings ran the 1600 Meter in 4:04. He dominated the race, and to watch a high schooler approach breaking the 4 min mile mark was awesome. Even more impressive because he was running against the clock. He wasn't being pushed or helped by anyone.

2. Cross Country Junior and Senior year. I lumped these two together, because I can. They were two amazing seasons. Junior year we won conference. I was our 7th runner and I believe I was 17th. We also then placed second at Sectionals and made it to State. The difference in Cross Country over other sports is that once the race is done, you know how individuals placed, but you don't know team scores. So they go through and announce the team scores. The suspense as they read off each team name is crazy. Then hearing them read off the third place team, and it not being you, and realizing you just qualified for state is an awesome feeling. Senior year we lost two of our top runners due to injury, so I went from being the 7th runner to being the 5th, which meant more score counted. We didn't win conference this year, so we were not as confident going into Sectionals, but again names were read, and they were not ours. We placed second again to make it to State. Running at State is a very interesting experience, just because of the crowd size.

3. The run to the State Football title for my high schools football team my junior year. It was great watching a group of classmates and friends roll through and undefeated season ultimately win the state title was awesome. In cross country, we ran state at a golf course in Wisconsin Rapids, the football team got to play at Camp Randal. Just a great team to watch, hey had 4 rushers go for 1,000 yards.

4. Attending the Brewers playoff game last year. I remember going to my first Brewer game at County Stadium as a kid, I remember listening to Brewer games in my room, and keeping track of starting line ups. My Paul Molitor poster on the wall to my Milwaukee Brewers batting glove. The Brewers are the sports team that I have followed the longest, and been the most loyal to. So just getting to see the Brewers in the playoffs was an amazing experience. I wish they would have won, but the fact that they lost does not take away from the experience. Plus, the Phillies ended up winning the World Series, so I got to see the Worlds Series champs play in the playoffs.

5. Track and Field day in 8th grade. My school had a day at the end of the school year where you could compete in different Track and Field events. In 8th Grade my father decided that he would compete with the 8th grade boys in the Mile. The mile has always been my favorite race, and while I knew I wasn't going to win, based on the fact that Nate Wolff was running, I was worried that my father would beat me. He was in pretty good shape, and ran on a regular basis, so I was not 100% confident I could beat him, but I set it as my goal. Since it made my list, I am sure you all already assume that I beat him, which I did. He came in third. Not only was it memorable since I beat my dad, it was also one of the few sports moments we shared. My father never was that sports inclined, he doesn't have a big interest in them, nor is he very good at any of them. Since sports have been such a big part of my life, it was cool to have this one moment with my dad.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Soundtrack.....To my life

So I have been kicking around the idea of putting together a soundtrack to my life. I have a lot of songs that bring up specific memories. I thought that it might be cool (and morbid) to start compiling the songs, and jotting down the memories. That way when I die, in like 85 years, at my funeral they can give everyone in attendance a copy of the CD, or whatever the equivalent will be then. Along with a book, or whatever the equivalent will be, of all the memories. They can then listen to the songs, and read the memories, weep quietly about how awesome I was.

I will toss a few out now.

I think most people would agree that Ice Ice Baby, would be the first song on the CD. This one spawns many memories, but none better than the time Nate, Andy and I road tripped (with Andy's Mom) to Milwaukee to see Vanilla Ice in concert. If I haven't told you the story yet, ask me about it.

I will probably expand on these other songs down the road, but I want to get them out of my head and down here while I remember. By no means are these my favorite songs, just ones that spark memories.

Angels Robbie Williams
Billie Jean Michael Jackson
Faithful Go West
Bouncing Round the Room Phish
Paint It Black Rolling Stones
Where It's At Beck
My Heart Will Go On Celine Dion

Monday, July 6, 2009

Top 5: Movies

So I have decided to try and do a top 5 list a week. To start it off, I will tackle top 5 favorite movies. Feel free to chime in with your own lists.

My top 5 in no particular order

1. Babe

That's right, the movie with the talking pig. For those of you that know me, I really enjoy movies with talking animals. For me Babe is the penultimate talking animal movie. The scene where Farmer Hoggett sings to Babe after he spends the night in the rain. Gets me every time.

2. Braveheart

I have come to love epics, Lawrence of Arabia, Bridge on the River Kwai, etc. The classics came later for me, Braveheart came first. Stories where people overcome overwhelming odds seems to really appeal to me. The final scene with William Wallace, when he yells Freedom. Awesome.

3. Almost Famous

This movie has grown on me over the last few years. The cast is great. I really like all of the major players. The music choices are amazing. You can't help but sing along during Tiny Dancer. It's really layered as well. As I age, I find myself identifying with different characters. When I come across this movie on TV, I can't help but stop and watch.

4. Kill Bill

This is somewhat cheating as I am taking two movies as one. Since they were shot together, I think I can take the liberty with it. I love a good revenge story, and also a movie with a strong female lead (one of the reasons I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer). You take the amazing fight scenes, and top if off with Tarinto dialogue and I am sold.

5. Tommy Boy

This is probably the movie I quote the most, and I probably now a days don't even realize I am doing it. It's a movie that is guaranteed to make me laugh. I don't expect this movie to change my views on things, or win any awards, it is just good fun. Chris Farley and David Spade were a great pairing.

Honorable Mention:

Grave of the Fireflies--I have seen this movie twice, which is more than most people can do, it really tears at you

Unforgiven-- I love a good western, and this is one of the best

The Good the Bad and the Ugly-- See above

Clerks-- Kevin Smith, enough said

Rushmore-- Great cast, and I love movies based around High School, this is one of my favorites

Paths of Glory-- Stumbled upon this one when having to pick a movie to write a paper on for a class, this one was at the end of the semester, which gave me time to slack. Ended up really enjoying this film.

Dr. Strangelove-- Funny as hell, and a movie that still holds up. You can trade out the Russians for Iranians or North Koreans and the movie would work today.

The Dark Crystal-- I can't get enough Jim Henson, and this movie is classic.

Seven Samurai-- Awesome, Awesome, Awesome.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

How Twitter has ruined my blog.

So as you have noticed I have not blogged as much lately. I blame twitter. I have sat down numerous times with the intention of blogging. Only to realize that I seem to only think within the space of 140 characters.

Today is a different day though. I am going to plug through it, and bring it.

It has been a crazy time at work. The company I work for has a new CEO. I have been fortunate enough to have spent some time with him already. Including a trip to Chicago. While our former CEO was, and still is a pilar in our industry, I am excited as to what the new guy has to bring.

We also are in the midst of a move to our new 125,000 square foot building. The move is taking place over 4 weeks, and unfortunately I move in the last group. I have been over to the new building a couple times now, and actually hung out and worked out of my office for a little bit today. It will be nice to have every one in the same building though. Instead of running 5 blocks to talk to IT when something breaks, I can walk down a flight of stairs.

With summer upon us, I have had many weekends as well. Last weekend we met up some friends for a fun weekend in Milwaukee. I took place in my first duck race, and it was awesome. It was almost a photo finish, with a duck passing in the last few feet to win. Even got to hang out with a duck racing champ, as Chief took home 3rd place. I also ate a Strawberry Brat, which was much better than expected. We then took a dinner cruise around Milwaukee which was all the tacos you could eat and margarittas you could drink. Which seems to equal 8 bachlorette parties on our boat. But hey, I was on a boat!


We then got in 9 holes of golf in the morning, and watched the Brewers get hammered.

This weekend we are packing up the fam and heading to Monroe to celebrate our countries independence by going to a drive in, and golfing.

I am trying to figure out how to make it down to see DMB at Alpine in July, or I might head to Chicago in Sept. to see Kevin Smith.

Sophia is now officially crawling, which means she gets herself into trouble. She seems to like the dogs water dish.

Well, I am about burnt out. I will try to come back more often.