Friday, May 23, 2008

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

I have seen three movies in which JGL has stared, and have have enjoyed all three. 10 Things I Hate About You, Brick, and now The Lookout.

I shy away from reviewing movies, so I am not going to do it here. If you ever want to talk movies, I will do so for days.

Getting to the point of this post though, is that another good showing by JGL lead me to IMDB him, and see what other movies I can check him out in. I stumbled across a role he has in an upcoming movie. He will be playing none other than Cobra Comander, in GI MFing Joe. I have heard rumblings here and there about a live action GI JOE movie, but until today didn't realize how far along this movie was. It is in post production already. The little kid in me is freaking out with excitment.

Anywho, rent the Lookout, it won't change your life, thats what Grave of the Fire Flies is for, but it is a decent flick.

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