Monday, May 5, 2008

Afraid of the Dark

I realized today that I am still ever so slightly afraid of the dark. I decided to take the wooded path this evening, and walk/jog (almost as much jog as walk tonight) along the green circle train. Instead of looping out to the main road I doubled back along the trail. I like how the path is a little softer than the sidewalk. While I still am lumbering around in this 223 (thats right, down to 223) pound frame, I should try and take it easy on my knees. Anyway, on my way back it had gotten a bit darker out. So on the last path, where it loops away from houses, I noticed I was a little more on edge. My heart wasn't pounding as much from the walk as it was from the darkness. So I popped out one of my ear buds so I could hear things better. After rounding a bend, I heard a comotion in the woods, and saw flashlights, and flashing red lights headed my way out of the woods. My first thought was to run like hell, or become some cults sacrafice, or worse, sold to some Austrian to be his dungeon slave. Then the dogs started barking. Which didn't help. I held strong though, and continued walking like I wasn't just about to wet myself. As they drew closer, I realized that they were the same nice people that I saw earlier. I assume that they live in the area, and know of connecting trails through the woods. End of the story, I am back at home safe and sound, and might stick to the path along the well lit road when I go out later at night.

To back track to the running portion. I really felt great tonight while I jogged. Both stretches that I jogged I was sure I could have gone further each time, but I had accomplished the goals I set forth when I started, and I didn't want to push it.

On an unrelated topic. I am happy that Smodcast is back to a regular schedule. In case I haven't mentioned it before Smodcast is a weekly podcast that Kevin Smith (Clerks, Mallrats, Dogma) does, his co-host most of the time is Scott Mosier, who produces his movies. They are fairly vulgar, but more often than not talk about fasinating topics. Todays Smodcast focused on the Catholic church. Kevin Smith grew up catholic. They basically outlined what the church needs to do to stay relevant in this day an age. If I were part of the church, I would be demanding that Kevin Smith be made Pope immediately. His reign would only last a couple of weeks, before he grew tired of it and moved on, but those would be a couple of awesome weeks, and I think that at the end of the day the church would be a better place for it. If you ever want to check it out, you can find it on Itunes.

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quartergoddess said...

Don't feel bad about being scared of the dark! There is a reason I ALWAYS take one of the big dogs with me when I walk at night. Monroe is poorly lit and I don't pay attention, I feel better when I have my "guard dogs" with me. Ha! :)