Thursday, October 9, 2008


So it seems that this is my 100th post. Which seems pretty crazy to me. Not only that I have had enough to say to warrant 100 posts (though some may argue that I have not had enough to talk about to warrant 100 posts)but that I have stayed at this long enough to reach 100.

To commemorate my 100th post I tried to think of what approach I wanted to take. Should I work it like a clip show, and discuss previous posts that I enjoyed. Such as my post about mermaids or bigfoot or Sarah Palin. I thought it may be a bit of a cop out though. I always hate clip shows.

Then I thought I could talk about being a father. Now that I have a complete set of children (one boy and one girl) I feel that I am filled with insight into parenting. Not only am I dealing with an eight year old, who I see slowly turning from a kid into a pre-teen, but I am going through the night time feedings (not so much me doing the feeding) and diaper changing that comes with a newborn. It is two very different times in each of their lives, and it sure keeps me on my toes. I didn't set out to make this a blog about my life as a dad, so many people do that much better than I do.

So I thought I should go back and recap why this blog came about. It started as a combination of my attempts to lose some weight (and by doing so winning a competition) and crossing off items that I wanted to take care of before I turned 30. While I didn't accomplish my weight loss goals (still planning on hitting them though) I did win a spot on a dinner cruise. I slowly am chipping away at my list of 30 things as well. Weight loss and exercise get me closer to the physical list items. I have traveled to see the Pacific Ocean, seen some of the movies I wanted, and laid the ground work for others. My blog has grown to be more than just a recap of these endeavors. While it started out that way, I didn't want to go back to pigeon hole myself.

I then thought I could make a long and well thought out commentary on our current race for the White House. I could talk about the issue I want someone to raise. I understand why McCain is bringing up William Ayers. With the images of 9/11 burned into all of our brains, terrorist is a label that incites more feelings than it used to. I get why he is trying to link Obama to him. If this connection was so bad, and we should all be so worried, why hasn't he brought it up sooner. Why didn't either McCain or Palin talk about it a month ago at the convention. Was it because was not politically safe for them to go that negative at that time? If a campaign is doing okay, that it is to risky for them to talk about Obamas past, but now that McCain is behind in the polls, including in some that are typically Republican strongholds. It is okay for them to bring up Ayers. If this is as big of an issue as McCain wants us to believe (I don't think it is) he should have been shouting this from day one. I can't believe that the issue is of any importance to me, if you were holding it as an the ace up your sleeve if things go bad. Though once I get going on these things I get all worked up, so I won't.

I then thought that maybe I would just to a little of everything. So I did.