Monday, October 27, 2008

Kids keep you busy

It has been some time since I have wanted to take peices of my free time to sit down and blog. The past week was my first week back at work after having three weeks off. While Sophia has done a good job of sleeping at night, she is still under a month, and needs to get up to eat. Since I can't do any of the feeding at this point, I try and get up, and change diapers, burp the baby, help out where I can. Since work frowns on people who nap at work, I have been fairly tired at night, and instead of blogging, have taken to sleeping. So since I am home ill today, I thought I would take some time to catch up on blogging. Well, that and planning my first cub scout meeting. 40+ scouts and parents all looking at me, wish me luck.

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