Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sleeping with the fishes

I watched a beer commercial today, where the main character describes his perfect beer heaven. First off if you decide that you want to go to beer heaven you are an alcoholic. Please get yourself to an AA meeting immediately.

Then he describes how he would get a cold glass....from a mermaid. Why a mermaid? Does he like mermaids, or does he just want them to be his servants. I hope the later. I can get on board with turning the merpeople into our aquatic slaves. I can't get on board, if he digs (and by digs I mean wants to sleep with) a mermaid.

While I grant you the media and movies portrays mermaids to have a torso and head of a beautiful woman. The bottom half is a fish. A FISH! Imagine if the reverse was true. You had a pair of legs, with the toros and head of a fish. Would their be sailors throwing themselves into the water, chasing these long legged sea bass to their watery graves? I think not. The thought of snuggling up with Mrs. Fishhead sounds disgusting. So what is mans fascination with a finned lady.

I just don't get it.

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