Thursday, July 31, 2008

I think I broke my foot...

So I went for a jog today.

Not my whole foot though, just my pinkie toe, and who needs a pinkie toe anyway. For those of you curious as to how I (potentially) broke my pinkie toe, I will tell you.

I was bringing laundry to our laundry room, and stepped on a golf ball. I think it was Mandy's golf ball so I am blaming her. She is always leaving her golf balls all over the place. Anyway, my foot rolled forward and under the golf ball, while my knee buckled and I fell backwards. I really should be happy I didn't rip up my knee, since the way I fell could easily have lead to a torn ACL. Well, while most of my toes rolled under the golf ball I am fairly certain my pinkie toe decided to go the other way.

I am hoping it is either sprained or dislocated. Since I refuse to go to the doctor for a hurt pinkie toe, I will never know.

For those of you that overlooked it earlier in the blog. I went for a jog today That's right I am officially back on the exercise band waggon. My toe actually hurts more when I walk (it hurts with every step I take) than it does when I run on it. So that's wierd.

Also, our company weight loss program is over. I ended at 217 and 24% body fat. That is a loss of 18 pounds and 4% body fat. Which while it isn't what I wanted to do, is respectable. More importantly puts me on a path to being physically fit. Which is something I haven't been in a long time.


Fern608 said...

Congrats on your results! Drat that Mandy leaving her golf balls laying around! :)

Heather said...

Dude, Eric, you HAVE to stay off of that toe. Tape it to the toe next to it and swim or something.

If you recall I broke my toe in December...

obamas baby mama said...

Little toe not a problem? I beg to differ:

In the NHL and NBA mighty men miss games:

---- NBA ----

A tiny problem, relatively speaking, is causing mammoth Los Angeles Lakers centre Shaquille O'Neal a lot of pain these days.
O'Neal is trying to alleviate the ache from the left little toe, said Friday he's not sure he'll be ready to play when the season begins Oct. 30 against Portland.

"I just got cleared to do bikes last week, I haven't been doing anything since the toe got hurt," O'Neal said Friday before flying to Hawaii for the beginning of training camp.

"I get another checkup in 30 days. It's kind of hurting pretty bad, the pinky-winky toe."

---- NHL ----

Los Angeles also played without center Jozef Stumpel, who broke the little toe on his right foot Thursday night when he was hit by teammate Mathieu Schneider's slap shot.

And you know if Jozef Stumpel is out it must hurt. But, really, when are they going to reign in Mathieu.

But then most shocking is in the NFL they have surgery for a hurt Little toe -- geez, I am funny!!!

Did you read it - ha, the Little toe!!! Oh man, I crack myself up.

Maybe you could use your good foot to run and put a roller skate on the other foot....

obamas baby mama said...

Darn, the whole address did not not paste, for the hurt Little toe try:

obamas baby mama said...

Now I am mad, blogger is cutting me off, sensoring my speech. It will not publish the WHOLE URL.

replace /de with /detail.html

Heather said...