Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Vote Powers!

No, I am not currently running for a political office. My dad is. Since it is his birthday today, I figured I would take some time and tell all of you why you should vote for him, or at least tell all of your friends that live in the 6th Assembly district to.

To start off, this is my fathers second foray into the political world. For a time in 2006, he had declared his candidacy for the 6th District Assembly seat. For a myriad of reasons, he ended his candidacy early, stepping aside to let another Democrat run for the position. After a recent death in the family, he realized that you don't always get second chances, and decided to run again.

My father is a Democrat, Vietnam Vet, Father, Husband, Grandfather, retired teacher, former Boy Scout Leader, and all around amazing person. I am partial since he is my father, but you ask former students, co-workers, acquaintances, and they will tell you the same. For example, I met a co-worker of mine today, that is from the same town that I am. Once he found out who my father was he let me know that my dad was the reason that he started out as a History Major in college. He followed that up with that he dropped History as a major after realizing that not all teachers were as cool as my dad was.

I also saw another former student of his changed her Facebook update to: ANOTHER POWERS CAMPAIGN. THIS TIME WE WILL WIN.

If you would like to know a little bit more about his candidacy you can see his website here.

At the end of the day, I know that my father is someone that I want in Madison working towards making our state a better place. He will hit Madison with fresh ideas, the desire to make a difference, and a work ethic of getting things done.

So if possible, please support my father in any way that you can. In State elections word of mouth can go a long way, so please spread the word. Regardless of the district you live in, my father will be working to move our state Forward. With people like him in Madison, everyone wins.

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