Friday, August 15, 2008

Holy Bigfoot Bloggers!!

Since I snagged the awesome Julia Child is a spy story, I thought I would wait a bit, and let someone else blog about this.

Since no one seems to care about the biggest discovery in any of our lifetimes, I will break the Bigfoot silence.

So, two guys in Georgia found Bigfoot. Dead. They then dragged him out of the woods, and put him in a freezer. For a month or two. Then finally decided to start telling people, and releasing photos.

While I realize that this will end up being an elaborate hoax. I hope that they really have found Bigfoot. How crazy would it be, if they let reputable scientists examine the body, and they confirm it is some sort of monkey/human/other hybrid.

The 10 year old boy in me has come out, and I can't wait to see my first Bigfoot.

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