Thursday, August 14, 2008

Arsenic and Old Lace

I love a good spy movie, or book, or story. Basically I enjoy spies. It would be awesome to serve our country as a member of the CIA, using my job as a cover to travel the world and spy on our friends and enemies.

So when I came across this story this morning, it blew my mind.

Julia Child, yes that Julia Child, was a member of the OSS, which was a precursor to the CIA. She was stationed in Sri Lanka and China as a researcher for the head of the OSS.

I can't wait for the upcoming move: Julia Child, The Spy who Sauteed Me.

1 comment:

quartergoddess said...

It totally pisses me off that Julia Child was a spy. It's one thing for her to be some old cooking biddy, it's another entirely for her to be a cooking biddy/spy.
I'm so jealous it makes my teeth hurt.