Sunday, July 13, 2008

Battle Royale

Netflix recomended this movie to me, and to Netflix I am grateful. The movie takes place in future Japan. Society is crumbling, and the youth of the nation have started rebeling. They go to class when they want, assualt teachers, and disobey the adults. The government as a way to try and reign in the youth institute the BR Act. The BR Act sends one class, chosen by impartial lottery, to a deserted island, provides them with weapons and tells them to kill all their classmates. The last one alive can go home.

Along with the class that was chosen are two other "students" that are there to help the game along. The weapons that are given to the students vary as well from assult rifles to pot lids.

On first glance it looks like it should be a ridculus blood path, filled with campy violence. It is far from it. Is it the best movie I have ever seen, no. The movie needed to be about 20 minutes longer, and provide more backstory on the program itself. It was good enough to Netflix the sequal, and if I came across it I would watch it again in a heartbeat.

I would love to see this done as a remake. I would like to see Alfonso Cuaron or Quentin Tarantino direct. I think both of them would be able to add their styles to the story and enhance upon it.

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