Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Friendly People

I always find it weird that when I am out walking, other walkers find it neccesary to say hi. I don't mind the plesantries, I just find it a bit odd. Like we are connected somehow, because we are both out walking.

I weighed in today and was down to 224 pounds. I hope to drop under 220 for my next weigh in. It's only 2 pounds a week, so I think it is possible. I notice that I have more energy on walks now as well. I walked for an hour tonight, and was still feeling good. I want to get new shoes before I start running again, my left foot does okay while I walk, it starts feeling funny when I start running. I think I will hit some stores up this weekend and try some shoes on. I am a big New Balance fan, due to my wide feet, I figure I will try some other shoes out before I settle.

Next week Tuesday I plan to head to a track and run a mile. I want to see where I am at, and start tracking some progress. I want to know what sort of time I need to shave to get under 5:30.

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Revenant said...

Hey try on some Mizumos too!