Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Caring what you eat

I think I have said this before, but it sucks caring about what you eat. I wanted to run and pick up something quick to have for lunch. I scoured all of the fast food websites to try and find something remotely healthy to eat. Mission not accomplished. So I went to one of the down town resturants for a sandwich. In looking at the menu's I realized how I put on so much weight. Well that and the lack of excersise.

I weighed in today. I was at 230, so around 3 pounds lost in the last two weeks and 5 pounds in total. I was also down about .7% in body fat. I was fairly happy with my progress. If I sustain that pace I will be down around 210 in August, and should be in the low 20's in body fat %. I hope that as I build my endurance and have the ability to lift more that I start burning fat faster.

I am happy to see that my work has paid off so far.


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Hey read this:

quartergoddess said...

Way to go, Eric! :)

Revenant said...

Where's your post!!!!