Friday, April 11, 2008

hour 1

My quest for staying up for 48 hours straight has started. I am almost through hour 1. If all hours are like this, it will be cake. I don't assume that will be the case though. My hope for the 48 hours rests on Trivia. The Trivia contest starts at 6 pm tonight and runs through Sunday at midnight. They read 8 questions per hour. They read a question, play a song, re read the question, play another song, and then give the answer. You have two songs to find the answer and call it in. Since I know that my time awake will always have a purpose I should be able to focus in on my task at hand. The last time I tried for 48 hours, I made it to 40. Then I found myself at home, with everyone else sleeping at 1 am. I had nothing to do. It was a receipe for falling asleep, and I did.

I will also have a good number of people here for the Trivia weekend. Knowing that I should always have someone to talk to, also will help me get through it. Only time will tell though.

I will try and update as we go. Once the questions start, they might be shorter posts.

So it begins.

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Revenant said...

where can i hear the questions?