Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Like Whoopi Goldberg.....

In Sister Act II I am back in the habit.

I have a lot to ramble on about so sit back, relax, and enjoy.

So I was in Vegas last week. It was a great couple of days. I flew out on Tuesday. I had to get up around 3 AM, to get to the airport for our 5 AM flight. We got into Vegas around 8:30 AM. We got to our hotel, The RIO, and checked our bags. We walked the Casino, went next door to the Gold Coast (ghetto) and then to the Palms (not ghetto). In the afternoon we had a "mini session" where we talked to the travel agent community about why they should sell our insurance. After that we had a opening reception at Voodoo, a lounge/car on the 51st floor. They have an outside area, and the view is amazing. The RIO is a little ways off the strip, so you have a great view of the strip. While at Voodoo, one of the guys I know that was part of the organization running the show gave us his tickets to Zumanity.

Zumanity was pretty awesome. For those that don't know, Zumanity is a Cirque Du Soleil show, an adult themed Cirqu Du Soleil show that is. It was pretty amazing to watch, not only were the people in the show able to do some pretty amazing things, they were funny, and at times fairly naked. It was some of the oddest audience participation I have ever seen. Nothing like a guy from the audience, hold ziplock bags full of scotch over another girls breasts so she can put her top back on and have scotch baggie implants. I feel if I went into more detail I would get my blog slapped with an explicit warning, so I will stop.

That night, just a couple of drinks at the ibar, and then off to bed.

The next day was filled with sessions at the Convention, and then we tended our booth at the trade show. We went to eat at a nice Italian place in the hotel (it is always nice to have an executive with you to pick up the tab) and then met up with some of the people from the show for drinks.

Thursday was filled general sessions again. Then the closing night "Graduation Party". It was at BARE, a European adult pool lounge at the Mirage. It is called European because during the day people can go topless. Though I hear one travel agent took her top off. I did not see it to confirm though. Once the "Graduation Party" wound down, we walked over to Kahunaville at Treasure Island. While there we took in a flair bartending contest (boring) and I could have gotten into a fight. Now I am not a fighter, so that is why I didn't. This is how the story goes though. A group of us were at the bar. Five friends of one of the people who put on the convention came in to hang out for the night, and then spend the weekend. While there, a drunk fellow came up to one of the girls and asked her to dance. She respectfully declined, and he continued to badger her. The gentleman that I am, I told the a-hole to leave her alone. He gave me some guff, but eventually left. A couple of minutes later, he walks over at us, and basically runs into the girl. I guess he thought since the girl told him know, he could ram his shoulder into hers. It was not cool. I let him know, and think this time, gave him a little shove back towards his table. At that point his friends came over to see what was going on. I explained how he decided to run into a girl, and they agreed he was being a dick. Throughout the night though, you could see him staring over at our table. If I was a fighter, I would have kicked his ass. He was pretty drunk, plus I was with a 240 pound former Marine, so I had backup. I am not a fighter though, so I let it go. Though later in the night, the guy decided to jump onto the stage, and fell backwards onto his head. I am fairly certain he had a concussion, not sure what happened to him after that, since they kicked him out of the bar.

We went back to the ibar, in the RIO had another drink (when I say drink, I mean water) then headed up to bed.

Our travels back sucked. We were bumped from our flight in MN, and ended up driving. I do have a free round trip ticket to anywhere in the lower 48, Canada, and Alaska.

I am happy to report that even though I didn't get to do much exercising in Vegas, I did manage to lose a couple of pounds. I hope to be under 220 soon.

I have rambled on enough for tonight.

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Revenant said...

So are you Michael Jackson or Paul McCartney? Rafi's a lover not a fighter too.