Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thank You Aaron Peterson

I love the Ipod. I love it because long ago I realized that given the chance, I would talk myself out of working out. Left alone with my thoughts while jogging I would rationalize why stopping was a good idea, cutting it short today would be okay, or walking for just the next block is fine. Once I started giving into to cutting corners, it became easier to to justify skipping a day. It was rest, or I didn't have time, or I ate a big meal. Eventually I didn't need to make excuses anymore I just didn't care.

The Ipod helps keep me from myself. If I am listening to a song or a podcast, I don't have time to talk myself out of it.

So today while I cleaned up, I tossed the ipod on to pick some songs to listen to tomorrow. This is when I came across, Bob Marley. I had forgotten about Bob Marley until a couple of weeks ago when I watched, I Am Legend, (not as good as the book). So with that memory still in my head, when I was scrolling through my ipod today, and saw Bob Marley, I turned it on, and remembered how much I love Bob Marley.

I came to love Bob Marley in an unusual way. As a freshman in high school, I was walking through the hall and stopped to talk to a senior who I knew. He was wearing a T-Shirt with the face of the dreadlocked music legend. I, not knowing this, asked who he was. After being looked at like I was mentally incompetent, I was advised that it was Bob Marley.

I soon started telling people when asked what musicians I liked I mentioned Bob Marley as one of them. I looked up to Aaron, and figured if he liked it, I was sure I did to. Coming from a small school in central Wisconsin, I could get away with people not questioning me on it. Though I eventually decided that I needed to actually know some of what I was talking about and picked up Legend. Which is amazing.

So tomorrow when I go for a jog I will have Bob Marley to take my mind of quitting. The senior who clued me in on the music genius was Aaron Peterson. So thank you Aaron Peterson, thank you for Bob Marley.