Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Fat Tracker

So people in our IT department like to gamble. As I have mentioned previously my work is doing a weight loss challenge. Along with that I am in a side competition. It was cooked up by members of our IT department. I am not sure how the whole breakdown works since it was created by an actuary, but I figured I would share my stats. As of the last weigh in on 3/26 I was 5th of 9, here are my fat stats.

Total Weight= 233.4
Body Fat= 27.9%
Remaining Target Fat Loss per Pounds= 46.4
Excess Lard as a % of weight= 19.9%

So if I lose 46.4 pounds of fat, I should be at 8% body fat.

The health coach thinks that my foot falling asleep was caused by a pinched nerve and that if it continues I should go see a chiropractor. I decided to change things up and run/walk today. My foot didn't fall asleep but my middle toe felt a little numb, which might mean I am pinching a nerve while working out. We will see what happens tomorrow.

I haven't crossed anything off the 30x30 yet. Though I have read some of My Side of the Mountain to Trevor, and all of the exercising I have been doing will lead to crossing more items off of my list. I have decided that I am going to try for the mile under 5:30 the weekend of my 28th birthday. I want to go back to my hometown and run it on my high schools track. I think that it would be a nice way to connect the past to the present. That is a little over a year away. I am fairly confident that if I can drop most of the weight I want to by the end of August, I can start training specifically for the mile. It will be harder to get some of the speed work in that I want to, I figure I can use the indoor track at the university for that if needed. That summer then I want to run the Triathlon, and with that take care of the mile swim.


Revenant said...

Did your health trainer give you any foot exercises? It sounds stupid, but, I had that problem and then I learned how to do minie "foot push=ups"

Mr Blume said...

She told me to stop back if it kept up and we could talk about it more. I will give it a couple of more days to see if it continues, then look into it further. You will have to show me your foot push ups when you are up.

Revenant said...

It's just pilates.