Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Holy Grail

So my son is writing a story, along the lines of Monty Pythons Holy Grail at school. My son is in second grade. I think that it is awesome. He brought home, what I can only describe as a story board. One section has characters (knights), another the scenes (forests), and another has a killer rabbit. I hope that the teacher appreciates Monty Python, otherwise it might make for an odd next parent teacher conference.

As I mentioned previously I am reading the perfect mile. I read a chapter last night that made me feel really good. It talked about a miler from Australia, who ran what at the time was the third fastest mile in history at 4:03. He had a disapointing showing at the Olympics in Helsinki, while he was at the Olympics he studied the great European runners of the time. He took their training regements back with him, and started to coach himself. When he got back he ran his first mile in 4:50. He trained at midnight, because of school. He talked about how he often had to talk himself into working out. How sometimes he just wanted to rest for a day. He new that if he let an excuse go one time, it would just make it easier the next, and always went and worked out. It is funny to hear someone as good as he was, also have the same issues I do. He stuck with his plan, ran when he didn't want to, and accomplished his goal of beating the Australian Mile record. It was just the motiviation I needed to keep going.

I weigh in again offically this week on Thursday. I have been weighing in everyday myself, but this one gets recorded, and I do my body fat test. I hope to get into the 220's for the weigh in, and loose at least a percentage point in body fat. We will see what Thursday brings. I will keep you posted.

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