Saturday, April 19, 2008


I got my first 9 holes of golf in today. It was great to get out on the course again. I still an fairly bad at it, but to me that is not what golf is about. It is a great walk, with great friends. Every once in a while, one of us hits a ball with a stick. Fairly simplistic, and I like it. Though I have come to the conclusion that my slolwy balding head, needs a hat to cover it from now on. I do not enjoy having the top of my head get sun burned. Since I am not a hat guy, I am not sure what I am going to do.

On the hair note, I am getting a step closer to cutting it extremely short. Not shaved, but close. I am sick of paying for haircuts, when it takes the barber 10 minutes, and I have realzied that I am not growing any hair back. What I have, has been holding steady for a while, but no reason to hang on to hope. One of these days.

I have also started in on my screen play. I had an idea hit me today, and decided to run with it while things were still fresh. I started on it tonight. Once I have a first draft I will share. I know that all of you are so disapointed that I won't be starting off with my thriller, that all of you raved about. I will get to it someday, just not by the time I am 30.

The next challenge in my weight loss, excersise quest lies ahead for me this week. On Tuesday I fly out to Las Vegas for a conference. I come back on Friday. Late nights, great food, and lack of time does not make for a healthy week. I am going to try and stay away from the bad for me foods as much as possible, try and drink very little if at all, and get to the gym at least once while I am out their. I am making progress and don't want to slip. If I can come out even, I will be happy.


Revenant said...

Hi, Sergio is also very excited about golf. He went with the short cut too.

While on vacation just exercise first thing in the morning.

Did you catch the new Kittens USA?

quartergoddess said...

What was it that Mark Twain said?
Golf is a good walk spoiled?
Sounds about right to me.
Although, if I were a good wife I might try golfing again since the husband loves it so much.
We'll see...

Revenant said...