Saturday, January 31, 2009

Unicorn Shirts and other things.

Why have a never seen a manly Unicorn shirt, and for that matter why aren't unicorns manly. I mean come on, you take a horse, and add a weapon to it's head. What's not manly about that?

So, since most of you that read this are bloggers yourselves, I am going to take a minute and tell you to set up google analytics for your blog if you have not already. This nifty tool, gives you a ton of demographic info on your blog. It will show you how many people have visited the site, and where they are from. Someone in Chile has read my blog. Not sure why, but it is awesome that they did. If you are reading this, my visitor from Chile, leave a comment and let us know who you are. I know that someone searched for, president cleveland panda, in google and ended up at my blog.

I had to rake the snow off of my roof today, which sucks. Since I think that the weight of the snow was about to crush my house I think that it was a good idea.

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