Sunday, February 1, 2009

Where everybody knows your name....

One of my favorite things is when a random event sparks a memory. Recently while watching a commercial for the final season of Cheers on DVD, I remembered a video I made for my 6th (maybe seventh) grade reading class.

The assignment was that the class had to split into groups and make a TV show. My group did an episode of Cheers. Thinking about it, I find it odd that a middle school allowed us to do a TV show where basically all of the action takes place in a bar. Those sure were different times.

The basic plot of our show was that Norm "dies" I can't remember if he chokes on a peanut, or has a heart attack, but essentially he dies. He then goes to heaven and hell, before being awaken by having a glass of beer thrown on him. I believe the then has a line about wasting a good beer.

Thinking about it we did a lot of cool things in that class. I remember creating a restaurant theme, layout, and menu, and then bringing in an item from the menu for the class to try.

Good times.

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