Tuesday, February 24, 2009

San Antonio

It's very possible that people in San Antonio think that Jeff and I are lovers. Maybe because of this.

Maybe because we went to the hotel bar, ordered a Grasshopper and a Screwdriver, then asked the bartender if it was okay that we took our drinks back to our room.

Overall the trip was great. Since I could type forever, here is a brief recap.

Weather was warm, which is good since it is the reason we left. The food was great, even though it made me sick Saturday night. I had BBQ, Tex-Mex, and Seafood. The seafood meal was delicious, though I believe I am allergic to lobster. The two times I have eaten lobster, I have become violently ill that night. A couple years ago in Philly, and Saturday night. Piano Bars are fun. We went to one Friday night, and they put on an amazing show. Anyone that can play Ice Ice Baby on the piano is okay with me. I really like missions, or any really old building. Anything that has stood for hundreds of years impresses me. I also like pictures of trees. Curvy, gnarly trees are awesome. The Riverwalk is a very cool place, I give San Antonio credit for taking a natural asset, and making it a driving force behind their local economy.

Anyway, lots of fun, and I recommend it to anyone.

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quartergoddess said...

Hubba hubba.
You guys do make a cute couple!