Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Trainings, WOOO!

Today was day two of three of leadership training at work. It has been an amazing two days. First off, our company has a house in the woods where we do this types of training. We use what would be the living room for group sessions, and do breakout sessions in the "bedrooms". It is great to get out of a work environment and meet with a group of peers. It is especially great in the warmer months when you can get outside for breakout sessions.

My company is sending anyone in a leadership role, through a Servant Based Leadership training. We had someone come in that teaches "Servant Leadership", and then we have been using a Franklin Covey Leadership program.

Part of the program involves feedback from your manager, your direct reports, and peers. It is all confidential, you just see how the groups rate you based on the questions asked. It is a great way to see how others perceive you, and what you can do to improve.

I have also gained some great tools to help goal set, and focus my department. My team has grown big in both size and responsibility and I think taking time to refocus my team is needed. This training has come at the perfect time to give me the tools needed to accomplish this.

I am looking forward to tomorrow, and then getting back and putting things to use. I can't say this is how all trainings that I attend go, I am glad to see that this one has been highly effective.


Heather said...

Very corporate.

Mr Blume said...

Except cooler. This isn't your corporate suit offsite training. We are in the woods, being trained by a guy who used to own a Coffee Shop in Amherst.