Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A bit of bragging

I am sure now that I type it out, things will change in the next 5 months, but as it stands today, I will be getting a 4th floor (which means top floor) corner office when we move into our new building in June/July.

I am not one to brag much, especially out in the open, in an economic time when lot's of people would be happy to have a desk to work at let alone an office. So to all of those people. I am sorry.

It is not going to be a huge office either. Enough for my desk, and a small table for a couple of people to sit around. It is also in the south east corner, so I will probably have a glare on my computer monitors.

The cool part though is that there are not any other offices around mine. Most of the offices are in groups of two to four. Mine is all alone in the corner.

Anyway that's enough bragging for me. Let's just hope things don't change.

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