Monday, January 26, 2009

Lot's of stuff

So I have lots of things going on, so I thought I would toss up in this blog.

Item 1

I am getting closer to crossing #18 off of the list. With the wonder that is the interwebs, I have been brought back in touch with Erik, a friend from High School. We spent many a night in the auditorium running lines, and building sets. He has taken his abilities to the next level, and is on his way to fame an fortune. I am fortunate enough to be able to work on a project with him. He read one of my movie pitch blogs, and are working on bringing it to the screen. It will be a short, that is shot this summer. I did the first draft, and he took it and turned it into a movie. I am working on third draft edits, and then we will let the rest of the team he has set up to work on the film take a look at it. I am really excited to see an idea that I had worked on by a group of professionals and turned into a movie. Once we start shooting, I will feel comfortable crossing it off my list.

Item 2

I am sick of the cold, so we have booked a trip to San Antonio. I had a free ticket and we needed to use it soon, so we picked a weekend and are taking a long weekend in Alamo City. I plan on re-enacting the battle of the Alamo with Jeff Olson, while our wives pretend they don't know us. I also plan on tubing down the Riverwalk, lazy river style. I also hear that our Hotel is potentially haunted so I will bring my Ouija board along with me.

Item 3

My wife is awesome. Tonight we had the Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet. Since I am still trying to figure out what I am supposed to do as Cub Master at these things, I stressed out over the meeting. She kept telling me it would be OK, and spent most of the meeting setting up food, serving food, cleaning up the food, etc., etc. Pretty much being an all around awesome wife. So thanks Hun.

Item 4

My son is hilarious I wanted to share this from a paper he wrote in school. The set up is that he is supposed to write a letter to President Obama with things that he hopes Obama will do for our country. My son wrote. (letter is edited for spelling)

Please upgrade our schools and make more fuel efficient cars, and make it so everyone can see Russia from their house.

That's right. My son took the Scholastic News letter to the President, and used it as a chance to take a shot at Sarah Palin. It warms my heart just a little.


Heather said...

Movies huh? Texas too??

Erik said...

Sounds like a damn fine boy your raising.

I also don't count anything as in film until its done and being shown in a theater somewhere. I can still remember everything I went through to get my final student film made just have the sound guy lose all our audio in a computer crash.

I doubt it'll even happen, but if his resume comes across my desk it's making a bee-line for the garbage can >.>