Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Last CQ

So I have been able to watch two of the recommended movies. On my day off on Friday I watched CQ, and today I watched The Last Unicorn in the car on the way to Appleton.
I first off have to say kudos to both recommendations. I enjoyed both of them, and they were worthwhile purchases.

CQ is a movie from Roman Coppola. I am going to have to say that I enjoy all of the Coppolas and relatives. Francis Ford, Sophia, Jason Schwartzman, and Nic Cage. Roman also has collaborated and assisted with a few Wes Anderson movies. The combination of the two led me to belive that I was going to enjoy this movie before I even watched the movie, and I was correct.

CQ is set in the 60's in Paris. Jeremy Davies character Paul, is working on a troubled movie. It is a Sci-Fi film set in the year 2001. Along with that he is working on his own film, which centers on himself, in which he tries to be totally honest with the camera. To top it all off, his sense of reality seems to be slipping away as well.

The film is visually a beautiful film. It's one where I could watch it without sound, or set just to a musical score, and still enjoy it almost as much.

I really enjoyed the concept of watching a movie about a person making a movie. How the events of Paul's life, helps shape what he is creating.

All in all, a very good movie, and if you ever want to borrow it let me know.

The Last Unicorn, is a very different movie. My recap will be short. I just have two points to make.

1. It is a Rankin/Bass movie. Rankin/Bass movies are always awesome.
2. It has a pirate cat. That's right, a pirate cat. Why in 26 years has no one mentioned this to me.


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Glad you liked CQ. I bought it at a consignment shop for five dollars without knowing anything about it other than seeing Coppola's name on it and that's how I saw it the first time!