Monday, January 19, 2009

Milwaukee Bucks to make NBA finals!!

You heard it here first folks. The Milwaukee Bucks will make it to the NBA finals. What was that? Calling me crazy huh?

At the beginning of the MLB season, if I told you the Tampa Rays were going to make the World Series you would have punched me in the face. At the beginning of the NFL season, check that, at the end of the NFL season, had I said that the Arizona Cardinals were going to make the Super Bowl you would have kicked me in the groin (wow you really are a violent person).

So why is it so far fetched that the Milwaukee Bucks will make the NBA finals? Now I will admit I haven't paid much attention to the Bucks since they broke my heart in 2001, when they were a Glenn Robinson jumper away from the NBA finals. If the playoffs started today, they would be in the playoffs, and are almost at .500. They are playing better defense, and have some offensive weapons.

Now this Bucks team isn't as offensive minded as the Big Three were in 2001, but by the end of the season they are going to be a very dangerous playoff team.

Remember this day people. I called it.

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