Wednesday, July 1, 2009

How Twitter has ruined my blog.

So as you have noticed I have not blogged as much lately. I blame twitter. I have sat down numerous times with the intention of blogging. Only to realize that I seem to only think within the space of 140 characters.

Today is a different day though. I am going to plug through it, and bring it.

It has been a crazy time at work. The company I work for has a new CEO. I have been fortunate enough to have spent some time with him already. Including a trip to Chicago. While our former CEO was, and still is a pilar in our industry, I am excited as to what the new guy has to bring.

We also are in the midst of a move to our new 125,000 square foot building. The move is taking place over 4 weeks, and unfortunately I move in the last group. I have been over to the new building a couple times now, and actually hung out and worked out of my office for a little bit today. It will be nice to have every one in the same building though. Instead of running 5 blocks to talk to IT when something breaks, I can walk down a flight of stairs.

With summer upon us, I have had many weekends as well. Last weekend we met up some friends for a fun weekend in Milwaukee. I took place in my first duck race, and it was awesome. It was almost a photo finish, with a duck passing in the last few feet to win. Even got to hang out with a duck racing champ, as Chief took home 3rd place. I also ate a Strawberry Brat, which was much better than expected. We then took a dinner cruise around Milwaukee which was all the tacos you could eat and margarittas you could drink. Which seems to equal 8 bachlorette parties on our boat. But hey, I was on a boat!


We then got in 9 holes of golf in the morning, and watched the Brewers get hammered.

This weekend we are packing up the fam and heading to Monroe to celebrate our countries independence by going to a drive in, and golfing.

I am trying to figure out how to make it down to see DMB at Alpine in July, or I might head to Chicago in Sept. to see Kevin Smith.

Sophia is now officially crawling, which means she gets herself into trouble. She seems to like the dogs water dish.

Well, I am about burnt out. I will try to come back more often.

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Erik said...

I know exactly how you feel about twitter. Micro blogging is much easier and probably better than full blogging for like 7 out of ten things I think about full blogging. Just saves people time.

Luckily I follow both your blog and your twitter account so I still get the full Eric effect.