Thursday, July 16, 2009

Time Travel

So today at work the subject of time travel came up. Any time I can discuss the mind blowing possibilities of time travel I will. Todays conversation took on a very interesting topic. Time Travel Cheating.

I posed the following question to one of my friends. If her husband went back in time, and slept with Marilyn Monroe, would she be upset? I was fairly positive her answer would be Hell No, and it was. But she brought up an interesting loop hole.

She said that she would be okay with him going back 7 years, to a period of time before the two of them had met. Giving the time machine to his younger self, and allowing him to go back in time to sleep with Marilyn Monroe.

At the end of the day he gets to sleep with Marilyn Monroe, and his wife is okay with it. Talk about a Win Win.

Unless meeting with the act of meeting himself causes a rip in the space time continuum and life as we know it ceases to exist. I guess he could send me back to tell young him to use the time machine.

Anyway, I like time travel.


quartergoddess said...

Ha ha. You know, even if you had a time machine to tell your younger self to screw some famous chick, I still don't think your wife would be okay with it.

I'm pretty sure she owns you. Past, present and future.

There are a lot cooler things you could do with time travel besides cheat.

Mr Blume said...

True, there are a ton of other things that I would do first.

That being said, I find the idea of telling your younger self to do things very interesting.

Heather said...

I don't think the older and younger selves can meet. I think that ruptures the space-time continuum.

quartergoddess said...

I think you could travel back in time and leave yourself a note. Although, I wouldn't believe it was a note from my future self. I'd completely blow it off.

Although, maybe if I got a fax from my future self...

Austin said...

Interesting thought, although there is no way Marilyn Monroe would hook up with younger self (whether you, me or a friend) even with the wife's permission.

Mr Blume said...

@ Heather, it all depends on whose version of time travel you base it on. Spock clearly had no problem with it, and I tend to believe Spock

@ Natalie, I think you need to employ a friend to go back in time and talk to your younger self. That way you don't risk ripping the world in two.

@ Austin, you are correct, but this senario is a bait and switch. You get approval for Marilyn Monroe, which opens the door for anyone.

Did I mention I love time travel discussions.