Friday, July 10, 2009

Soundtrack.....To my life

So I have been kicking around the idea of putting together a soundtrack to my life. I have a lot of songs that bring up specific memories. I thought that it might be cool (and morbid) to start compiling the songs, and jotting down the memories. That way when I die, in like 85 years, at my funeral they can give everyone in attendance a copy of the CD, or whatever the equivalent will be then. Along with a book, or whatever the equivalent will be, of all the memories. They can then listen to the songs, and read the memories, weep quietly about how awesome I was.

I will toss a few out now.

I think most people would agree that Ice Ice Baby, would be the first song on the CD. This one spawns many memories, but none better than the time Nate, Andy and I road tripped (with Andy's Mom) to Milwaukee to see Vanilla Ice in concert. If I haven't told you the story yet, ask me about it.

I will probably expand on these other songs down the road, but I want to get them out of my head and down here while I remember. By no means are these my favorite songs, just ones that spark memories.

Angels Robbie Williams
Billie Jean Michael Jackson
Faithful Go West
Bouncing Round the Room Phish
Paint It Black Rolling Stones
Where It's At Beck
My Heart Will Go On Celine Dion


Heather said...

Celine Dion? You know she is evil.

Mr Blume said...

I believe if we were going to be technical, she is the devil, that being said, whenever I hear that song, it brings up some very distinct memories, thus it makes the cut.

Erik said...

I've given thought to something along these lines as well. I actually made a sort of soundtrack of my life for my trip out to live on the coast, I had a sixteen hour drive all by my lonesome. So I burned three to six songs off of albums in the chronological order I had them introduced into my life. It was quite the undertaking, and sadly never worked out since my car fell apart in Dayton, Ohio; or somewhere around 2003.