Friday, July 24, 2009

Top Five Places I have visited outside of WI

So to continue on with my top 5 lists, here is one of top give places I have visited outside of Wisconsin. Now I can't say that I am well traveled, since I haven't traveled overseas anywhere, but I have seen a good amount of the lower 48.

In no particular order

1. Lower 9th Ward, New Orleans. I traveled to New Orleans for work around 1 year after Katrina hit. I talked with a Travel Agent who broke down, talking about how he had to leave his dogs behind as he evacuated, and looked at pictures of flood waters covering highways and seeping into homes. I drove through neighborhoods where you can see the water lines half way up the sides of homes. One of the nights, I was able to go to the lower ninth ward with a police officer. He drove me through what was left of the neighborhood. Places where all that was left of homes was the cement slab that the house was built on. It was a very powerful experience. I got to go back to New Orleans last year as well. It was great to see the city was rebounding as it had. It is so rich with culture, that it would be a shame to see it disappear.

2. Philly. Growing up, my family took a lot of vacations that centered around historical things. I wish that I would have appreciated them more. I really have liked Philly, it was amazing walking through Independence Hall, to stand where the likes of Washington and Jefferson laid the groundwork for our country. The food was awesome as well. It is also the first real vacation that Mandy, Trevor and I took together.

3. You can't have a list without Disney on it. This is the first vacation I remember taking. We drove to Florida. Since I was 8 when we went, I don't remember a whole lot. We got soaked at Sea World, had a great sea food dinner, where I ate peal and eat shrimp for the first time, and spent some time at Disney as well. Saw a 3D movie with Michael Jackson, rode the Norway ride in Epcot, got ran over by Goofy. Met some kids at the pool from Sun Prairie WI. I tried to impress them by doing a back flip into the pool and ended up hitting my head on the side of the pool. I also played lot of punch out in the hotels arcade. I guess I remember more than I thought I would.

4. Driving out to Colorado. The thing I remember most was looking off in the distance as we got close to Colorado, and seeing the shiloute of the mountains in the distance. Being amazed at how big they were, and then realizing we were still a far ways off. Watching them grow as we got closer. This is the trip where I made my parents stop so we could see the 10 Thousand Pound Prairie Dog at one of the road side tourist traps. Turned out to be a stone statue. We also were in Sturgis during the Harley Rally, it was amazing seeing all of the Harley's together.

5. For the last one I am going to have to go with Vegas. Seeing the strip all lit up for the first time, is a pretty awesome sight. I got to see my friends get remarried at the little white wedding chapel, take in Spamalot, eat dinner next to a NFL Head Coach, and do some gambling. I have also gone back 3 times for work. Going to Vegas on the company dollar can be fun. Hanging out at the Voodoo Lounge on the top of the RIO has provided me with some great views of Vegas.

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You're very top 5-y lately. :)