Saturday, November 22, 2008

Never hug a Panda

Some people are AWESOME!.

What do you think the thought process was for this guy? Wakes up in the morning. Realizes that in a country with a billion people, he can't find one person to love him. So he decides that he would go to the one place where he can see creatures sadder than him, a zoo. Then he walks by the Panda pen, and sees cute and cuddly Yang Yang. He thinks maybe some good old fashion Panda spooning will put me in a better mood. So he hops over the fence, throws open his arms, and gets mauled.

Life lesson learned. No matter how sad of an existence you have, Never Hug a Panda.


quartergoddess said...

Please, all evidence to the contrary, you know if you saw Yang Yang, you'd want to hug him too.

Also, I now officially have one thing in common with pandas.

Mr Blume said...

You've both mauled a Chinese man?