Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Checks....Whats up with that?

So I was in line at Fleet Farm, waiting to claim my free tiny knife (don't ask). When I picked what appeared to be the shortest line. (which always ends up being the line that takes the longest) The guy in front of me had two items, and one of them was scanned already when I got in line behind him. After the second item was scanned, I saw him pull out his checkbook. It seemed like a relic, it was like he was talking on a Zack Morris Cell phone.

After what seemed like forever, the clerk gets the check, and looks at it like he filled it out in French. He literally stared at it, looked at the guy, looked at the check, and called over his manager over. The manager had to come over and show the clerk how to enter a check into the system.


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