Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Movie Pitch

So I continue to kick around what I am going to base my screen play on so I can cross that item off of my 30x30 list. I have one script started, but have had another idea pop into my head. I thought I would run it by you kids to see what you think.

It will be done in a mockumentary style. Similar to Christopher Guest movies such as "Best in Show". The basis is a documentarian sets out to show the protesters on both sides of an issue. It starts out as any documentary would, focusing in on one set of protesters. The pace picks up on the second day when the focus switches to the the protesters on the other side. The documentarian realizes that a person that was in the opposite crowd the first day, is now in the crowd he is filming that day. Which is when his focus switches to strictly this individual. We find out that this person is addicted to protesting. He doesn't seem to have any loyalties to an issue. He just likes to stand around with a bunch of people and yell things. We follow him from day to day, each one a new protest more ridiculous then the next.

I just find the idea of someone who just likes to protest things, hilariously funny.

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j.l.b. said...

I like the idea - I could think of a lot of people to cast for that role. The idea of some person just protesting for the heck of it is pretty funny, however I think you'll need some sort of sappy love story to make it truly successful...