Sunday, November 16, 2008

Secret Santa

As Christmas draws closer, so does the day when I will need to fill out my Secret Santa list at work. I enjoy asking for ridiculus things, one because it would be awesome if I actually got it, and B because I think Secret Santa in general is ridiculus.

Here are some previous items I have asked for and recieved:
Movie Poster from Bio Dome
Pink Unicorn
$5 worth of Dimes
Captain Planet T-Shirt

Here are some I have asked for and not recieved:
Signed Cast picture from the Muppets
Life Sized Poster of Bruce Campbell
ThunderCats Lunch Box with Thermos

Here are some ideas that I have for this year:
Movie Poster from the Dark Crystal
An original peice of art from you, framed, and signed
A bust of Art Garfunkel
Muppet Babies Lunch Box with Thermos

Thoughts? Suggestions?


quartergoddess said...

Any movie starring Kristy McNichol?
A subscription to "O" magazine?
A ping pong paddle?
A Hello! Kitty comb?

They don't sell the lunchbox/thermos combo much anymore, which is a damn shame IMHO.

Heather said...

I almost got you the O subscription for you. I can make a Hello Kitty lunch box.