Friday, March 20, 2009


I really should be sleeping, since it is after one, and I have to go to a wedding tomorrow, but I can't without blogging first.

The NCAA Basketball Tournament, is some of the best TV ever. I am a basketball nut. I have loved the sport since I was in 1st grade and spent an entire recess, trying to make my first basket. I did, right before the bell rang. I played through High School. Some of my happiest times were on the basketball court. I can fully admit, that the hardest I have ever worked at something, was during basketball games my senior year.

I loved playing. Since I was coming off of Cross Country season, I was typically in better shape than most, so I could run circles around people. I enjoyed trash talking opponents, and diving after lose balls. I wasn't the most talented offensive player, but I would always take pleasure in the floor burns I would acquire during the games. I wasn't anything spectacular, but I did have two colleges (one D3and one two year school) offer to let me play in college.

So when it comes time for March Madness, my love of the game creeps back up. I cheer for the Badgers, who one in OT tonight and pull for the Cinderella stories. I buzzer beater is a thing of beauty and agony all at the same time.

I look forward to it each year.

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