Tuesday, March 31, 2009

5 things

Thanks to Rainn Wilson on Twitter, I came across a very cool blog. They posed a question of what 5 things you would cut off your pinky toe for. Which is a very interesting idea.

Unfortunately the people at this blog are a bunch of nancies, and said:

1. end war
2. find a cure for cancer
3. be weightless in outer space
4. save someones life
5. lots and lots of dollars

Outside of 3 and 5 they are doing some cosmic sucking up. All you would cut off for a cure for cancer would be a toe? I am fairly certain that if someone came up to me and said that if I cut off my right arm, cancer would be cured forever, I'd be all, wheres the hacksaw and stick to bite on. Also, cutting off a toe, is not going to cure cancer. Since it is just a toe, it should be something that someone actually has the ability to offer you, so you would actually have to weight how much you enjoy your toes. God isn't going to come down from heaven, and be all, "Hey Jimmy, I was thinking that this whole war thing has really run it's course. Since I can't just end war without anything in return, your going to need to lop off a toe for me."

Here is my five:

1. Being offered the position of Vice President of the United States
2. 5 Million Dollars...well 1 million dollars most likely, but a certain if it is 5 million
3. A staring role in a Muppet Movie...or Wes Anderson Movie
4. To be on an NBA roster, with a 5 year roster gurantee
5. Free groceries for life

What's yours?

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quartergoddess said...

Are you sure you don't want to put any caveats on the VP thing? If you had to be the VP for some one evil, like W or Cheney for example, would you still cut off your pinky toe for that "honor"?