Friday, March 28, 2008

Taking it to the Streets

I went for a jog/walk tonight. Inspired by opening night of "Run Fatboy Run" the new Simon Pegg comedy, I decided it was time to leave the elliptical behind and submit my self to some public exercise. Though the public part is somewhat of a cop out, since I didn't really see anyone, since it was dark and late.

Though I must say, I am happy that I have stuck with it so far. I know most of you are thinking, this guy has only been at it for four days, and he is acting like he deserves an Olympic medal. What you don't realize is that I haven't exercised for four days in a row in 5 years. When I decided to start running again, went 30 days straight, and just stopped. Before that would have been senior year of High School, when I ran Cross Country, played Basketball, and ran Track. So four days is impressive.

The next task is making it through the weekend. One would think that with all of the extra time the weekend gives you, I would find plenty of time to exercise. That should be and I hope to make it true. My love of naps though might have to take a back seat.

I figure I will also hit up the local library, and pick of The Art of War. I've got to start crossing some things off of my list. I am planning to take care of stay up for 48 hours straight, in a couple of weekends during Trivia (For those of you not from Stevens Point, the local college radio station runs a 54 hour trivia contest each April).

Oh, and I believe a cat is living under the deck off of our bedroom. If I can be stealthy enough, I will try and snap some pictures and post them tomorrow.


Revenant said...

That is pimp. When Sergio complains about the cost of running shoes I ask him to estimate my whorin' price.

Mr Blume said...

What would the proper answer to that question be?

Revenant said...

Duh, that shoes are always cheaper then a whore (for him)!