Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I haven't quit yet!

Yay for me.

It is day two and I have again worked out, and again blogged. Good stuff.

I have realized though, that I don't so much mind the working out part, it is the day after part that sucks. Since all the people that I know that can dunk (one of the 30x30) have big calves, I did a lot of calf (calve?) type exercises. Every step I take now, it like a cat is digging its nails in my legs as I walk. Fairly crap tastic. Though not enough to stop me from doing them again today.

The big test will be day three, getting over the hump from when things continusly hurt, to having the feeling of a good workout. I look forward to those days.

On a side note, I watched Undeclared, one of the short lived Judd Apatow TV shows. Not a bad first episode. If it dosen't improve greatly, I can see how it got canceled. The demograpic it plays to, was not at an age that was overly into TV Comedies at the time it was released. Though after falling in love with Firefly, I am a little leary of watching TV shows, that were canned after one year.

While I am plugging mass media that I enjoy, Netflix (that's right I now use it as a verb), Brick. Great movie.


Revenant said...

Take some ibuprofen. Honestly, yoga is the best thing I ever started doing. I understand that it may threaten one's masculinity - so get a tape. Hey don't you have a birthday soonish?

we_be_toys said...

While we definitely don't have the same list, I liked some of the things on your list, like the art museum:)