Saturday, August 1, 2009

Busses and Baptists

So the doorbell rang today. Opening the door is often like opening a present. Sometimes it is something awesome, like a Kitana Blade, then sometimes it is not awesome, like a DVD box set of One Tree Hill.

Today when I opened the door I thought I was getting One Tree Hill, but I ended up with a Kitana.

At the door were two girls, I am going to assume around 12, holding pamphlets, long hair, glasses, and in skirts. So I assumed they were gypsies, I was close, Baptist.

Here is a recap of the conversation.

Me: Hello

Religious Girl: Hello, do you have any children that would like to ride our bus?

Me: (Confused look on my face) Uhhh, Is the bus here?

Religious Girl: (Laughing) No, it's not.

Me: Well...Where does the bus go?

Religious Girl: Oh... It goes to the Greater Point Baptist Church, do you have a child that might be interested. August is Ice Cream month.

Me: I have Trevor here (I point in at Trevor) but I don't really think he would be interested (At this point I considered bringing Trevor over, to discuss Jesus with them, I thought it would be funny to see him berate them for not believing in Dinosaurs, I decided that is not what Jesus would do, so I sparred them)

Religious Girl: Could I tell you a little more about it.

Me: Sure!

Religious Girl: Well in August we are going to have a thirty foot Banana Split, give away Culvers Gift cards, and make the world's largest milk shake.

Me: I don't really think we would be interested. (At this point, I am on the verge of laughter)

Religious Girl: Here is some info if you change your mind.

Me: Thanks!

First off, I feel bad that someone is making these girls go door to door on a Saturday morning to pimp out their church. Second her pitch was horrible. She literally said, "Do you have any children that would like to ride our bus?", no info on what the bus was, who they were, where the bus went. All I knew was they had a bus, that would come at sometime, and take my kid someplace.

Then all she talked about was Ice Cream. I mean it did have garner some interest from Trevor afterwards, but you've really got to tell me more about what is going on.

Though on the info they gave me, it has a prayer it says is guaranteed to get you into heaven. So I will probably hang onto it just in case.


Austin said...

And to think, I used to waste away my Saturday mornings watching cartoons...

Heather said...

You should have let Trevor have at them.