Thursday, June 11, 2009

Is this my 15 minutes of fame?

So I do the Twitter as some of you know. I follow a handful of people, one of which is @paulandstorm they make me smile, so I like to keep up with what they do. Well, yesterday Paul tweeted that he was flying solo on the podcast they do and was looking for some things to talk about. I sent over the question I posed here earlier, if you could watch the films of one actor/actress who would it be.. I had a half day at work, and was cleaning the kitchen, so I decided to see if by any slim chance he actually read my question.

I have to report, not only did he read the question (and mention my name), he gave one hell of an answer, Jimmy Stewart, and then posted the question on their website for all to answer.

Now millions of people are sitting at home, deep in thought, over a question I posed. Bards are writing songs about the complexity of thought I must posses to come up with such a question. Women are waiting to throw themselves at me (sorry ladies, I am taken). Children are are putting plans in motion, so they can grow up and be like me.

Or not.

None the less, it is was a very cool experience. If this is the 15 minutes I get, I can happily except it.


quartergoddess said...

At least I can say, "I knew you when..."

I listened to the podcast and he totally grammar smacked you down. He made you his grammar bitch. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Never heard of it.