Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Walk Down Memory Lane

For some reason little things have been spurring memories. I ate Burger King fries the other night and it reminded me of when I was in High School and Jeremy Hanson and Mark Resch went from Burger King to Burger King in Wausau the day they launched their new french fries, and gave out free fries that day. We hit up most of the Burger Kings twice. I also think that might have been the day, when we almost got in a fight from an old lady from Oregon. That is a story for another time though.

The biggest spurring of memories was when I got to spend some time chatting with Gary Clark tonight. I saw Mr. Clark at a Cub Scout/Boy Scout Leadership meeting. I got to catch him up with what I was up to, and discuss scouting activities.

While I had only one class with Mr. Clark, he was one of my favorite people from High School. Mr. Clark directed me in 3 plays and 1 musical. Some of my favorite moments in High School were late nights or weekends in the auditorium making sets, or running lines. He was always good for a story, from his days in the Air Force to the time Jimi Hendrix said good night to him as he left a concert. I can't believe that he left a Hendrix concert early, but since it lead to an amazing story I can forgive it. He is the only teacher I know that had been suspended (it was for showing the unedited version of Excalibur) and one of the only teachers that treated me more like an equal than a student.

I am happy that fate has allowed us to stumble back together after almost 10 years.

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Erik said...

Gary showed up to the premiere for Microcosm. I didn't even think to invite him, but he must have seen it on WSAW or something and just showed it up. It was awesome. Afterwards he talked to me like a true colleague, which was really sweet. Giving me pointers and props on the film.

He got a lot of shit when you and I were in school from classmates, but I always liked him. Very cool that you got to run into him.