Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sochi here I come!

So today started my quest to be an olympic athelete. As a curler for the US Olympic team. That's right, I want to be an olympic curler.

Well, most likely not, but I did get to curl toay.

I am in a leadership class, which contains people from all sorts of organizations and businesses in my area. One of the people in the class does PR and Marketing for the US Curling Association. Which is awesome.

I have always enjoied watching curling at the Olympics, so it was cool to meet someone who does PR for the team. I drilled her with questions, on everything curling. Being an Olympic year she is crazy busy, the coolest thing so far is she went with the team to be on The Colbert Report. They had a day at a curling center wiht him taping for the show. If you haven't seen it, I recommend you check it out at Comedy Central. She also got to hang out with the Monday Night Football crew in Green Bay. The curling team was their and taught them to curl.

Anyway, today I curled for the first time. In town we have a curling center, and she had an open house/training session for us. It was super fun. I haven't been as excited about something in a long time. It reminded me of being a kid, before going on a field trip. You were excited, and not always sure what you were going to get to do.

My first slide garnered a "nice slide" from the teacher of the opposite group, and my third slide earned a "that's perfect", I also received great praise while practicing my turns. You see, you never throw a straight rock, you always want to curve it.

Once we got around to playing a game, I was picked to, Skip, my team. Which means I stand at the opposite end of the throwers and pick where I want the rocks to go. It's like being the on field manager, who then gets to come in and throw the final stones.

My team lost the first end, but came back strong winning the next two.

I actually might look at joining a league next year. It was ton's of fun.

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