Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Church of Unicorn

So I have been neglecting this little slice of the Internet. Work has been busy. I took a promotion and so I have been busy handing off the duties of my old job while learning the ropes of my new one. Fall shows are in full swing. The house always needs cleaning. The kids are cute and deserve some attention. Excuse, other excuse, made up excuse.

So, I am cranking things up for another blog. I wanted to write about the kid who won't say the pledge because he does not believe that our country currently has, Liberty and justice for all. How he he gets what it means to be an American, than any of the talking heads on FOX news (or CNN and MSNBC for that matter). Liken him to our founding fathers, then ramble on about how if they were alive today they would be deeply saddened with the state of our political system.

I'm not going to do that though. I am going to talk about how if a religion had incorporated Unicorns into it's lore, I would most likely pray at that church.

Now, I often find myself posting religious posts in nature. Mainly because people don't seem to like it when I ramble on how Scientology while ridiculous is no more ridiculous than Catholicism. How I think that it is crazy that people spend their whole lives devoted to something, giving money to something, in the hopes that they are saved upon death, only to potentially just die. Then go on to tell them that I do actually believe in god, just no their god. That is the part that bugs them the most.

As of today, I have decided that my god rides a unicorn. Because Unicorns are awesome.

My god also likes pranks. He (yes my god is a dude, deal with it) has always felt that for the most part, he will let us live our lives and let things run their course. He's the parents that lets us make mistakes, and then learn from them. Except for the times when we can't find our keys the days we are running late for work, or the remote when the channel is on Yo Gabba Gabba, and the new episode of the Office is on. When you trip in the hall, on nothing, that's my god.

He also is a big fan of MASH. The years with Frank Burns and Col. Potter.

My god is also okay that you feel it necessary to worship your gods. He get's it, and is cool like that.


Heather said...

You should probably get going and start up the church. Try to get tax exempt status too.

Erik said...

the Unicorn." If you haven't seen those shorts on YouTube, something tells me you will like them.

Austin said...

Nice. Oh, and congratulations on the promotion!